About Us

Our Story

Founded by Mason Brandenberger, Brandenberger Tree Care Professionals LLC (Brandenberger TCP) has been in business since 2010, expanding its service areas from Fort Wayne to Auburn, Angola and beyond. After being employed with another local tree company for over 5 years, Mason was able to learn the “ropes” of the tree care industry.

Through this experience and his father’s entrepreneurial leadership, Mason learned how to operate a business, as well as what it meant to develop quality relationships with customers. At the core of Brandenberger TCP is a strong network of personal relationships. Working by referral has been the primary method Brandenberger TCP has used to generate business over the last 5 years. This required more effort and patience initially but through this system, Brandenberger TCP has been able to cultivate and develop relationships with customers that go beyond typical business relationships. Through working by referral, business has been on a steady incline as the Brandenberger TCP name is being more widely recognized and trusted.

From the founding of this company, there are values that have been established to meet the customer needs above the immediate self-interest of the organization. Brandenberger TCP believes the relationship that is developed between them and a customer is of far greater importance than the money that can be made on any project. Brandenberger TCP always goes the extra mile, even at cost to them, in order to assure the happiness and trust of its customers.


Our Mission

Redefine the tree care experience one relationship at a time

Our Vision

Impact the world through relationship, business, and arboriculture