Plant Health Care Services

Expert Arborists

Organic Matter

  • Enhance soil health and boost tree vitality with our organic matter treatments, improving nutrient availability and root growth.

  • Experience the benefits of a naturally enriched landscape, promoting robust tree health and resilience against environmental stressors.

Tree Removal

Deep Root Fertilization

  • Strengthen your trees from the roots up with our deep root fertilization, delivering essential nutrients directly to the root zone.

  • Promote tree vigor and enhance overall health ensuring your trees thrive year round

unhealthy trees

Growth Regulation

  • Optimize tree health by reallocating energy from excessive growth to the establishment of fundamental components for long term sustainability.

  • Direct resources and energy towards nutrient absorption in the fine roots and strengthen resistance to insects, diseases or other stressors.

Plant Health Care Services

Root Surgery

  • Girdling roots can cut off nutrient supply, suffocate, and lead to significant decline.

  • Remove problematic girdling roots to enhance nutrient uptake and overall stability

Tree Health Care Services


  • Safeguard your trees with our comprehensive pest and disease treatments, targeting threats like Japanese Beetles, Apple Scab, Needlecast, Magnolia Scale, Bagworms, Gypsy Moth, Aphid and Leaf Hopper, Emerald Ash Borer, and Dutch Elm Disease.

  • Ensure a healthy, vibrant landscape by minimizing damage and promoting the overall health of your trees through proactive and targeted treatments.

Tree Care Services


  • Consulting: Receive expert guidance to maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape tailored to your unique needs.

  • Soil Testing: Comprehensive soil analysis to identify key nutrients and issues to enhance your landscape’s vitality.

Joe Wohlfert

Plant Health Care Manager