Do I Need a Permit To Remove a Tree in Fort Wayne, IN?

do i need permit to remove tree

If you are wondering, “Do I need a permit to remove a tree?” then you are probably eyeing a tree that is a problem for you. You should contact Brandenberger Tree Care Professionals, a premier company offering Fort Wayne tree services, if you need a tree removed. This ensures the job gets done right, without injury to property or people.

After all, cutting a tree is a big job. It demands a lot of professional experience, safety measures, and tools.

Here are the guidelines you should keep in mind about tree removal.

Removing a Tree From Private Property

If you want to remove a tree on your property, it probably:

  • Poses an immediate threat to your home
  • Is dying
  • Is spreading disease to your other trees
  • Blocks a great view
  • Looks like a safety risk or a lawn design flaw to potential home buyers

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, you do not need a permit to remove a tree on your private property. Trees on private property are your responsibility and you are meant to guarantee their health and safety. Your trees and all others in the area are part of the urban forestry initiative that protects and maintains the sanctity of the environment.

Therefore, think hard before removing a tree without good reason. Trees enhance the environment and beautify the community.

However, if you have a protected tree species on your lawn, you might find it requires a permit. You should check the local laws to find out more.

Wondering, “Do I need a permit to remove a tree in the right-of-way?” The answer is yes. These trees are part of an urban forestry plan, so Fort Wayne prohibits their removal without written permission.

Removing a Street Tree

You should not remove street trees without permission from the Board of Park Commissioners. If you want to remove a dangerous street tree, you need a permit.

Here is how you can apply for one:

  • Fill out the application. You can complete the application online or in person.
  • Pay the fee. Tree removal permit fees vary, but some go over $200. 
  • Submit a plot plan. Your plan must identify the tree you want to remove. Mark it clearly, along with property lines and property structures.
  • Show receipts. If the tree caused you damage, include the damage receipts. 
  • Get ready for a field inspection. The city won’t just let you cut down a tree without verifying the need by doing an inspection. 

Contact Brandenberger Tree Care Professionals for Tree Removal 

Brandenberger Tree Care Professionals is a tree service in Fort Wayne that provides tree care all year. If you are wondering, “Do I need a permit to remove a tree?”, we know everything about the process. We can also help you with any other tree services you might require. We can even give you tree watering tips. Contact us at 260-438-2827 so we can learn more about what you need and get you on our schedule soon.

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